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Ok so because I have no life actually have lots of studying to do, I thought it'd be a good idea to update this thing again. Tomorrow I have this HUGE kanji test, which will probably be the smallest one we'll have this year *depressed* and after that I have to die an excruciating death that'll last all day as I sit down with [ profile] encoded_panties to analyze an academic text about Japanese fascism during WW II. Interesting stuff, but not exactly fun to do when it's completely in Japanese.

Of course those are all great ways to spend a Wednesday in their own way, but what tops it off is that this Wednesday happens to be my 21st birthday. Ahh Japan, how much I sacrifice for you.

After probably not being able to finish the text, I'm going to have dinner at my dads place, with my stepmom and my little brother (not really all that little anymore, he can now literally look down on me) and hopefully that'll be fun because after that I get to read (in English) about Japanese war brutalities for my Modern History class, until my birthday is over probably. Goodie.

It'll most likely rain too.

So here's the plan: I will listen to NEWS' "Happy Birthday" until the day is over and hope it'll cheer me up XD

In other news: On Monday I'm going to go to Amstelveen (a place in the Netherlands where most Japanese living in the Netherlands live) and try to get my hands on some Japanese magazines and stuff (basically buy everything I see that is vaguely relevant to my interests XD)


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