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So I've been working on this for a few weeks (for linguistic purposes only of course XD) and because I haven't seen a translation of this anywhere so far (please tell me if there is), I thought I'd share it. Whoooh, enjoy! BTW I can't get over how long this translation became though the Japanese version seemed so. much. shorter. :3 EDITED!!!

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Some days

Oct. 5th, 2010 04:49 pm
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Some days, were just made to be awesome. The place where my university is located, Leiden, has this celebration on the fourth of October, that they defeated the Spaniards, during the 80-year war. There's a huge festival that starts the night before and everyone just basically gets crazy drunk. Naturally no classes are held that day.
Of course, I'm above all of that crazy partying.
Instead, [ profile] encoded_panties, [ profile] siren_no_oto and me took the train to Amsterdam where we took a tram to Amstelveen. There's a Japanese bookstore there we wanted to visit. There were actually a lot more books than I thought! I basically expected a normal Dutch bookstore where one can also buy some Japanese things. Instead, the entire store was crammed full with Japanese books, dvd's, magazines and other awesomeness.
We all bought the same issue of Myojo (the November one) and I also bought a small book called "Making Out in Japanese". It has one chapter that is strictly about romance (marriage, sex, stuff like that) but the other eleven (i think) chapters are on casual Japanese. So that's going to be pretty useful I guess. We learn a lot of polite stuff at university but normal speech is something that we're pretty much expected to pick up on our own.
After that we went back to Amsterdam (because Amstelveen was basically a huge bore on a normal school day) and walked around for a bit. We found this restaurant called Tokyo Cafe that was located in this Gorgeous Jugendstil building. After looking at the prices (all you can eat for E21.80!!) we decided we should definitely eat there.
To kill some time until it was a reasonably time to sit down for dinner, we went into the American Book Center. Which was of course also full of awesome.
We had a fabulous dinner and even though we were already so full we just kept eating because it was ridiculously delicious.

The best thing about yesterday was the company I was in though. You guys made my day! ♥♥♥ ILU!!!


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