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SO if anyone was to say that Yamapi's Korea performances were a little dull, I wouldn't disagree with them.


So pretty *________*

I mean really, I could die happy, staring at that hair.

I also thought I'd let you guys know I'm dropping out of Reel. So if anyone was looking forward to the Troy fic, pray I'll finish it someday anyways xD

More importantly, I wanted to pimp [ profile] ryogrande's RyoDa fic, because it's been three days since I read it and I'm still not over how amazing it was!!!!

In real life related news: awesome Chonmage Purin/HanaDan movie/curry rice/tamagoyaki/lots of other less healthy food and questionable alcoholic drinks sleepover with [ profile] siren_no_oto and [ profile] encoded_panties was awesome!
ILU guys ♥♥♥

And now it's time for sleep, because my back is killing me.

Lol random post is kind of random, bear with me XD
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Or: how I made him a bentou (with nothing but tamagoyaki in it but a bentou nonetheless) and he ditched me in favor of writing his thesis. Her thesis. Whatever.


This way if you want to know about my new boyfriend )
Gwynn, go finish that lit review, silly girl!
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I don't usually do these things, but I have the perfect song so I just wanted to share. This is also the spazziest performance in the history of mankind XD

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I'm kind of in a weird place musically speaking guys, and I haven't decided yet whether or not I like it. Before I got into JE fandom I always listened to a lot of music and I still do. I used to download a lot of music I knew from soundtracks and stuff. When I kind of got to know all of KAT-TUN's songs, NEWS' songs, some Kanjani8, even some Hey!Say!JUMP, I decided it was time for more. Again I've been downloading a lot of music, but because I'm still pretty clueless when it comes to Japanese music, I just randomly select things from websites like iHoneyjoo. Examples are Koike Teppei, Kuroki Meisa, Base Ball Bear and Moumoon.
I mean seriously, take a look at my, it's a complete mess XD (feel free to add me if you like)

And now, this, this next thing is completely arama's fault XD I swear I take no responsibility whatsoever for what's under the cut.

click at your own risk-NSFW )
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So I thought it might be time for a little update on the fascinating mess of boring that is my life. Last time I told you guys I'd been to the neurologist right? Well I've had my EEG and today I had my MRI, so, next week I have to come by to discuss the results. Honestly, I'm not expecting anything at this point. I wouldn't be surprised if the doctor told me I'm completely healthy. The EEG was kind of annoying. You just lie there in a dark room with your eyes closed and you have to open them every three minutes or so. Then after fifteen minutes you have to start inhaling and exhaling exaggeratedly for a few minutes. After that they place a stroboscope in front of your face which makes these weird figures and stuff on the inside of your eyelids. Yeah real fun right?
The MRI was special too. It was kind of like being inside a drill/vacuum cleaner/washing machine type of machine and you have to lie very very still for about half an hour.

Last friday I had my resit for Premodern Chinese History. I studied for it. A lot. Seriously I don't know where filial piety comes from, BUT IT SURE AS HELL AIN'T CHINA. Everybody killed their parents and their brothers and their sisters (or made them commit suicide xD). Pretty sure that in a few years all I'll remember is this guy.

Fandom related (those of you not interested can skip this :P) I kind of decided not to buy the Ultimate Wheels single, what with Jin's first single being released next month, but I was weak and I ordered it anyway. I even ordered the limited edition AHAHAHA, because it has TWO, and I'm pretty much in love with TWO. For those of you who still haven't found our translation community, we translated TWO over here. [ profile] encoded_panties also made us an index, in case you're interested in what else we've done so far :3 WHAT DO YOU MEAN MY NINJA PIMPING SKILLS NEED MORE SUBTLETY.

I don't know what it is with me and ninjas these days, but I'm finding them highly amusing. For example, [ profile] darkeyedwolf made a pimp post about Ninja Assassin the other day. Which I showed to [ profile] siren_no_oto because it's relevant to her Korea interests, which made her buy the DVD (which we'll watch soooooon, sooooooooon).
Also, this website is made of pure beauty!

My favorite quote is "Ninjas in stilettos. Fashion Assassins! Not so stealthy, but oh so stylish!"
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So today I went to the neurologist because of something that happened a few weeks ago. (From: Then the next day... to ...not possible). Her conclusion was that it was an epileptic seizure, but that I might not have epilepsy. So she wanted my blood work, an EEG and an MRI. I had my blood taken today, since I was at the hospital anyway, but yeah, the next couple of weeks I'll be in and out of the hospital for these tests. It's gonna be interesting I'm sure XD She wants me to avoid stress as much as possible, lalala, not gonna happen :P

Bye now!

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Hello minna, o genki desu ka, dare is your kakkoi ichiban desu kawaii desuuuu?

Yeah I can totally do that now that the hate meme is over, my dream has come true. If anyone who was there reads this: I loved every second of it, you beautiful socks :D So thank you for making the beginning of my year all sparkly and pretty! :D


So uhm yeah, the hate meme is actually the most interesting thing that's happened up until now. Oh I got a 7- on my modern history research paper which I just cannot be happy about am making myself accept as a decent grade, they can't all be 8s or higher right? Still waiting for all of my other grades, I hope I don't have any resits *crosses fingers* I know for a fact though that I failed premodern Chinese history though, I failed so badly they probably won't even let me do the resit XD

Hmm anything else? I have my Culture Studies exam tomorrow, which is going to be interesting. I've been studying for it since the 1st of January. Seriously though, I like Britain and I like the US, BUT I DON'T WANT TO KNOW EVERY SINGLE DETAIL ABOUT YOUR STUPID LEGAL SYSTEMS OR BORING RELIGIONS OKAY?!
Stupid translation minor, ugh.

Anywayss, today [ profile] encoded_panties is coming over. Haven't seen her since the day before Christmas, so I'm looking forward to that :D We're supposed to study for tomorrow's exam but I foresee sparkles and prettiness too ♥♥♥

Well that's it for now, buhbye!
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Now that that's out of the way, I guess I'll copy [ profile] siren_no_oto and make a bit of a summary of this year and of my expectations for next year. I'll try to keep it positive (after all you can't have pink sparkles and negativity in the same entry):

list of forgetfulness is under the cut )
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Or at least that's what I've been trying to tell myself this entire semester already. I had to give a presentation in Japanese yesterday, those presentations need to be on a relatively serious topic. We have these debates about the topic afterwards so it has to be something people can disagree on XD We're supposed to talk for ten minutes or so but I definitely talked less than that, then again, everyone does.
ANYWAYS my topic was whether or not the coast guard officer who uploaded the youtube video of the recent Senkaku boat incident should be prosecuted or not. I think he should be prosecuted, but anyways, we had a debate about that. I was SO nervous for that presentation, you wouldn't believe it. Like my friends told me afterwards that I did fine and had nothing to worry about but then today one of my friends told me that it was really obvious that I was nervous, even though I'd tried my best to hide it XD
Then after that, I spent the rest of the day (and part of the evening) with [ profile] encoded_panties to work on a text about women in management positions in Japan, in Japanese, for our Academic Texts course. We tried to rush it a little but we ended up spending a lot of time on it after all <:( After that I decided a deserved the rest of the night off so I finished watching Anego ( OMFGsofnsidfusidfnsd ) and went to bed around 23:30, which is pretty early for me these days... :P Today I attended an informative meeting about the MA Japanese Studies. It seems that as long as I get enough money together so that I can stop working for one year it should be alright, lol. (that is of course IF I get past the first semester which the professors said is a very intensive few months) After that I sat down in the library for about three hours or so, working on translations of Murakami Haruki's Tony Takitani, which we're doing in our translation class atm. Then back home, reading texts on warped wartime histories. Up until now. Because I give up for tonight. My head feels like it's going to fall OFF. TL;DR STUDYING IS NOT FUN RIGHT NOW. SO I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO CHRISTMAS BECAUSE EXCEPT FOR WORKING EXTRA SHIFTS I CAN PRACTICALLY TAKE LIKE THREE DAYS OFF OR SOMETHING~ YAAAAAAY XD


Nov. 19th, 2010 07:50 am
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I'm sure that some of you have already seen this come by on your f-lists, but I thought I'd go for some shameless self-promoting now and tell you all that at [ profile] jiyuugaoka we have the translations up for NEETman and Never x Over. Yesterday evening we also posted GIRLS, so CHECK IT OUT YO~~~

What could be next, what could be next...

(Shameless self-promoting not so shameless, goes hide in corner)

Also, today I will find out the grade for one of my papers. If I don't pass it, it means I'm stuck here one more year BUT it also means I can live, sleep, breathe, you know, those kinds of things that actually make life worth living. If I do pass it I might just fail MOAR later on, but then again, it could also mean that come spring 2012 I'll be studying and living in Japan. Either way, it's out of my hands and I'm just going to have let it all happen ~~~ (I'm bad at stuff like that so I tell myself a hundred times) *NERVOUS*
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So today when I watched the Shounen Club performance of Change Ur World ♥♥♥ I just about died. Since I'm still relatively new to fandom, this is the first KAT-TUN single to be released since I got here :3 So I'm looking forward to the performances and the PV and having the single on repeat for a thousand years and more :D
Back to the Shounen Club performance. Everyone looked so smoking hot gooood! I loved everyone's hair (yes Koki's hair too) and I thought their outfits were pretty damn awesome.
So clearly, this post needs some sparkles before I go back to watching the epic epic performance again ♥


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So I've been working on this for a few weeks (for linguistic purposes only of course XD) and because I haven't seen a translation of this anywhere so far (please tell me if there is), I thought I'd share it. Whoooh, enjoy! BTW I can't get over how long this translation became though the Japanese version seemed so. much. shorter. :3 EDITED!!!

<u>A delayed summer vacation: KAT-TUN</u> )

Some days

Oct. 5th, 2010 04:49 pm
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Some days, were just made to be awesome. The place where my university is located, Leiden, has this celebration on the fourth of October, that they defeated the Spaniards, during the 80-year war. There's a huge festival that starts the night before and everyone just basically gets crazy drunk. Naturally no classes are held that day.
Of course, I'm above all of that crazy partying.
Instead, [ profile] encoded_panties, [ profile] siren_no_oto and me took the train to Amsterdam where we took a tram to Amstelveen. There's a Japanese bookstore there we wanted to visit. There were actually a lot more books than I thought! I basically expected a normal Dutch bookstore where one can also buy some Japanese things. Instead, the entire store was crammed full with Japanese books, dvd's, magazines and other awesomeness.
We all bought the same issue of Myojo (the November one) and I also bought a small book called "Making Out in Japanese". It has one chapter that is strictly about romance (marriage, sex, stuff like that) but the other eleven (i think) chapters are on casual Japanese. So that's going to be pretty useful I guess. We learn a lot of polite stuff at university but normal speech is something that we're pretty much expected to pick up on our own.
After that we went back to Amsterdam (because Amstelveen was basically a huge bore on a normal school day) and walked around for a bit. We found this restaurant called Tokyo Cafe that was located in this Gorgeous Jugendstil building. After looking at the prices (all you can eat for E21.80!!) we decided we should definitely eat there.
To kill some time until it was a reasonably time to sit down for dinner, we went into the American Book Center. Which was of course also full of awesome.
We had a fabulous dinner and even though we were already so full we just kept eating because it was ridiculously delicious.

The best thing about yesterday was the company I was in though. You guys made my day! ♥♥♥ ILU!!!
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Ok so because I have no life actually have lots of studying to do, I thought it'd be a good idea to update this thing again. Tomorrow I have this HUGE kanji test, which will probably be the smallest one we'll have this year *depressed* and after that I have to die an excruciating death that'll last all day as I sit down with [ profile] encoded_panties to analyze an academic text about Japanese fascism during WW II. Interesting stuff, but not exactly fun to do when it's completely in Japanese.

Of course those are all great ways to spend a Wednesday in their own way, but what tops it off is that this Wednesday happens to be my 21st birthday. Ahh Japan, how much I sacrifice for you.

After probably not being able to finish the text, I'm going to have dinner at my dads place, with my stepmom and my little brother (not really all that little anymore, he can now literally look down on me) and hopefully that'll be fun because after that I get to read (in English) about Japanese war brutalities for my Modern History class, until my birthday is over probably. Goodie.

It'll most likely rain too.

So here's the plan: I will listen to NEWS' "Happy Birthday" until the day is over and hope it'll cheer me up XD

In other news: On Monday I'm going to go to Amstelveen (a place in the Netherlands where most Japanese living in the Netherlands live) and try to get my hands on some Japanese magazines and stuff (basically buy everything I see that is vaguely relevant to my interests XD)
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Yesterday evening and today I spent my time redecorating my room with every picture and poster I bought back in Japanland and also spent a few hours reading all the wank about Ryo-chan's charming ways with women, funfunfun
Because I already had a lot of small pictures hanging on my wall (of things that inspire me) it kind of became a mess, since I was trying to give every picture a special place XD.
I might make some changes later, make it into one big square of pretty or something like that.
Will post pictures when I either get used to my room looking like this or when I've changed it :P


Crunky poster is up! I love it!


Aug. 20th, 2010 08:58 pm
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I'm back.
Not liking it, I want my Japan back *cries*


Aug. 15th, 2010 01:56 pm
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Okay so today, when we got onto the Yamanote line in Shinjuku, my friend [ profile] encoded_panties suddenly turned around to me in shock and after that flipped out without telling me what happened. After she got over the shock she managed to tell me that we had just passed Nakajima Yuto and Okamoto Keito from Hey! Say! JUMP.
So yeah. We saw Japanese celebrities. It was epic. They got out of the train at Takadanobaba. More of the epic...

And after this epic epic event we will go sing at the karaoke bar near the station until 5 AM. Yay ♥


Aug. 5th, 2010 03:18 pm
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Yeah I thought this would make for a good first impression. It's not going to get any better, it's all downhill from here, be warned. Since I am staying in Tokyo for the summer, of course I went to the Book-Off today, AGAIN. The stack of cd's in my room is starting to frighten my friends, since I have only been in 'a certain fandom' for about two months. I've been in Tokyo for about half of my fandom-life so far. Yeah so the checklist: KAT-TUN concert check, shop pictures check, "pamphlet" check, all five cd's check................

I think I only just now realized how deeply disturbing this obsession has become...
Oh well...

SO my name is Linda, I'm 20 years old and I am about to start my third year at the faculty of Japanese language and culture at a university near where I live. Have been an active member of DeviantArt for over five years and hope to become just as active a member of the LiveJournal community. The communities I plan to actively haunt will most likely include (but not exclusively) KAT-TUN, News, Yamapi, J-drama and whatnot.

Trying to think of more relevant information but failing miserably due to withdrawal symptoms (currently watching Kurosagi, Yamapi yay) so I'll leave it at this.


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