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So yesterday I spent nearly three hours at the gym and instead of the awful muscle pain I had on Wednesday from Tuesday morning’s session, I am hungry. LOL like seriously hungry, I’m not really eating ridiculously little or anything but my body keeps telling me NO, NEED MOAR FOOD NAO PLX. So, my ambitious plans of completely rewriting the first chapter of my thesis today? Total failure. I can’t focus at all. Not that I’m normally that good at staying focused, but today is especially bad. I ate two sandwiches, I ate a banana and an apple, I’m drinking lots and lots of tea. It’s all not working. GRRR. /annoyed. Normally this is more than enough. I don’t get it :(

So instead of doing anything productive today, I figured I could write a decent intro post since my first post on LJ wasn’t much of an intro post, LOL. So:

My name is Linda, but I will answer to Lin, Linje, Linnie, buzzbird, and whatever fun nicknames you beautiful people can come up with ;-) I was born on 29-09-1989, so I’m a 21 year old Libra. Surprisingly, my favourite number is 9. My favourite color is green. Green and I are very serious ♥ we plan to get married very soon. I’m Dutch and I live in this small-ish city near the Hague. It’s really pretty around here:

Photobucket Photobucket

I study Japanese Culture and Language and I hope to start the MA in September. This includes living in Japan for a year starting next April /excited already. Last summer I spent 6 weeks in Tokyo on a summer school program (school was located in Shibuya, we stayed in Ekoda, near Ikebukuro) and it was basically the best summer of my life.

My mom and dad were 19 and 21 when they had me, got married because my dad felt it was the right thing to do, 5 years later they had my little brother and when I was 12 they got a divorce. My mom eventually figured out that they were just not right for each other. When it all happened I couldn’t see that at all, they never fought or anything. Looking back I can’t even begin to understand why these people thought getting married was a good idea XD they are way too different. When I was 13 I went to live with my dad in the Hague because I got along best with my dad. By the time I moved out at 18 it was because I was really unhappy there, didn’t feel like I could trust my dad anymore and because his girlfriend kept telling me how nice it would be for me if I could move out ASAP. Yeah. So during my last year in high school I moved out. I lived on my own for nearly three years and last November I moved back in with my mom.

My longest relationship lasted 18 months, but it was a on and off kind of thing. We broke up and made up a lot. About a year after we really really broke up we tried and failed again, eventually too much was said and too much happened. This is one of the biggest regrets I have, not ending it sooner. Then we might have had another chance somewhere down the road. But what’s done is done. Since then I went on a couple of dates and even dated another guy for a few weeks but he turned out to be the biggest jerk ever. That was about a year ago I guess, been single since. I’m not even sure what exactly I’d want out of a relationship right now, so it’s probably for the best :P

I started a new part-time job last Saturday at this catering company that has restaurants in museums and stuff. I’m not loving it yet but I’m making myself try it for a few more shifts at least. I kind of miss my job at the movie theatre a little, ahahah, especially the people ♥

Uhmmmm what else? Well lately I’ve been spending less time on the internet and more time outside/in the gym because I plan to transform into ‘perfect tiny Korean girl’©, j/k. I do love everything under the #kfashion and #jfashion tags on Tumblr and while it’s all really pretty and shiny and I would love to be able to wear those things, it would also be practical what with my moving to Japan next year and all. You seriously expect me to not go shopping for a year? No way in hell ;-)

Ok, this post is getting way out of control. Have some pictures before I move on to music and other fandom stuff:

Photobucket Photobucket

While I love the RAWRness of the first picture I’m actually the 15-year-old girl on the right ;-)


The first Asian song I heard was by DBSK
That’s right, I was minding my own business, quietly listening to my SoaD, as you do, when a friend made me listen to ‘Balloons’ by DBSK. It creeped me out for a long time, especially the PV XD but eventually the song grew on me. I never listened to anything else by DBSK though, LOL.
After that another friend got me to watch Naruto, which led to Bleach, which led to soundtracks, which led to Japanator Radio. Fun times. And then Capsule happened. I was so addicted to ‘The Music’, I can’t even begin to tell you. Good thing I didn’t have then ;-).
Ironically, the guy who ended up hating me for listening to JE was the one that led me to them :P he was my friend’s boyfriend and he made her watch Jdrama’s. She then made me watch J-drama’s. I think [ profile] encoded_panties still has a post from when that happened over here LOL I was still just one of her classmates then :P even though we’d been having lunch together every week for more than a year :’( CRYING SHUUJI
Anyway, after a couple of Jdramas I started watching Sapuri and I really liked the opening song. Which happened to be ‘YOU’ by KAT-TUN. And the rest is history.

Contrary to what some people like to believe I still like ‘normal’ music as well ;-) I actually listen to a lot of older music like Pink Floyd, Live and Kate Bush. Other artists are: RHCP, DCFC, SoaD, P!ATD, The White Stripes, Danko Jones, Jack Johnson, The Fray, Corinne Bailey Rae and Snow Patrol. There are too many to list all of them here but you get the picture :) Most Dutch music is horrible but things I like include: Acda & de Munnik, Spinvis and some older BLØF songs.

Ok :P Japanese music. I’m just going to list everything I love here: Some AKB48 songs, Arashi, Breakerz, Capsule, some Hey Say Jump, JIN!!!!, Kanjani8, KAT-TUN, some Kinki Kids songs, Kismyft2, Koike Teppei, Kuroki Meisa (♥), moumoon, NAMIE AMURO (just ordered Checkmate, I love that album too much), NEWS, Otsuka Ai, Perfume, Rip Slyme, Tackey & Tsubasa, Tegomass, Yamapi, YUI annnd Yuzu.

Korean music: 2NE1 (♥♥♥), Big Bang, Brown Eyed Girls, F.T. Island, Jang Geun Suk and SNSD. I listened to Fahrenheit for 1 afternoon but the love was short-lived :P

I have a list of the dramas I’ve seen so far over here. It’s not complete but yeah :P

I used to read a lot of books before I started university, but now I mostly read my assigned texts for uni and JE fanfics :P My memories are public so you can dig around there to see what I like :3 I also recently starting writing some fic, which you can find over here. It's not a lot but JE Devil or Angel and Just Friends are this summer. Looking forward to it :D

Some links:
My tumblr
My deviantArt (oh right, I like drawing :3)

Wow this post is really tl;dr >____< sorry people.


Bye now :3
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