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So finished watching Bloody Monday the other day and I liked it :P but I was watching Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta at the same time (finished it just now) and the time-travel thing with Miura Haruma kind of freaked me out, lol. I just couldn't like him all that much in Bloody Monday (ok he was like 18 at the time or something but w/e) and I kept lolling at his ~shocked facesss~ O_________________O still do when I think about it.

It was a pretty entertaining drama, but the ending was basically the anti-climax of the century. I know there's a second season and all but still. WHY NO APOCALYPSE, NOT EVEN JUST A LITTLE ONE?!!! (did I just spoil you? sorry :P) A friend of mine kept saying how hot Narimiya Hiroki was in this drama, and IDEK, I just didn't really see it. UNTIL THE LAST EP. He somehow acquired a soul somewhere along the narrative and that basically did the trick, though the melon sodas helped tons too.

Who I did like right away was Yoshizawa Hisashi who was 30 at the time. I'm getting old, lol. But yeah, he basically looked like this for most of the drama:



Who was also pretty awesome in my opinion was Fujii Mina.


Not that she had a really significant role or anything but she was still way more interesting to watch, than for example Sato Takeru. He was on the same level of boring as Miura Haruma except without the awesome hacking skills and fabulous faces.


Yes, those faces.

Now, Miura Haruma in Taisetsu na Koto however, is a different story altogether. BOY GREW UP FINE. This time it was me making the O______O faces. Though I hated the crap out of the role he played, seriously, dude needs to grow a pair and man up. Toda Erika was good, but I liked watching her interaction with the students more than the cringe-worthy forced conversations with hubby-to-be. Speaking of students. TAKEI EMI WAS AMAAAAZING. Seriously. She. Is. Gorgeous. and I think she portrayed the character really well.



I should probably mention that the synopsis on dramawiki is only correct for maybe the first three episodes or something like that. IT'S NOT THE FLAMING TRAINWRECK THEY SAY IT IS well maybe a little bit but...

There were two other students in particular who I thought were pretty awesome.
Dramawiki hasn't heard of her yet but this girl, Gouriki Ayame:


Who played Takei Emi's happy-go-lucky but super-protective best friend. She was awesome. She was practically Nakanishi-sensei's daughter or something(why yes there's Nakanishi in this drama :P).

And then there was Suda Masaki


Who speaks in Kansai-ben, reads and fanboys Slam Dunk with Toda, is on the basketball team coached by Toda, and also has a not so secret little crush on her. But he's so energetic and happy and just kjdfhduf I was glad both of them were in this drama, they lightened the place up.

The other students are not just there to make sure the class looked full, but there was some background there as well. Even if the drama was portrayed from the teachers' viewpoints mostly.
That's one of the things I actually really liked about this drama. It wasn't your conventional high school drama. I also thought the cinematography was beyond beautiful and the colors were somehow very pretty as well.

I think adding P!nk to the soundtrack was a nice move. It gave the drama a dark kind of humor that I haven't seen very often.

TALKING ABOUT DARK HUMOR. I still have to finish watching Lady. Keiko is awesome (of course) but I'm still waiting for her to marry Kaname Jun and have pretty pretty babies. So yeah I have like 4 more episodes or something to go XD but I'm slowly giving up hope. So far the main plot of the drama is restricted to the last thirty seconds of every episode. Which is just annoying more than anything else. BUT WATCHING FOR THE PRETTY *_____*


I mean seriously. How is anyone that pretty?


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